The psychologist from Nazareth

A manificent story of personal growth that will give you inner peace

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"Thanks to ‘The Psychologist from Nazareth’ I am seeing the true colours of life," by María Victoria.


My name is Antonio Gargallo Gil and some years ago I published in Spain "El psicólogo de Nazaret". It really surprised me because soon people got in touch with me to tell me how much the novel had helped them. Thus, some said that thanks to the book were able to see the colours of life. Others told me that the book helped them to overcome their depression... But the most amazing opinions came of those who had lost hope and they wanted to commit suicide; however, after reading the book, they changed their minds and they were really grateful because they started, once and for all, to live: they were born again!

I could write hundreds of amazing opinions, as that one of a man that hated his mum because she abandoned him when he was just a child. He told me that he just lived with one goal: to kill her mother. However, when he was about to do it, he read the book and he was able to forgive her and for the first time in his life to have peace. It was really very touching!!

I know that I am not famous and I don't even have a Publishing house, just this humble page and Amazon -you can get it in ebook -, but I have never read such an amazing reviews of a book. Thus why I have translated the novel with native translators into English, French, Italian and Portuguese. I feel that I must work to spread the book to different countries and I know that we can do it, even though I am a just a drop in the desert, but together we can create an oasis. Would you like to support this project?

What's the goal?

Main goal: to get 6.000 euros to print the book.

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At the end of the Crowdfunding the rewards will be sent to all who had demanded them. If the goal is achieved, the author will continue working with the project and he will be able to keep translating the book to other languages as Chinese; if not, the author will print a limited edition with the books which have been demanded. So, whoever wants the book, you will have the guarantee to get it.

Thank you to support the project and to share it with your friends!

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